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SEAS is uniquely qualified to analyze a business, capture its’ best value and create a publication for exit, financing or long term business transition plans.

Business Improvement

Our process improvement systems will place your business in the top category for your markets. Our understanding of technical and financial systems has been developed over 35 years. Our “hands on” approach aligns us as a partner to your business, not long distance advisors.

Business Acquisition/Transition Planning

Our valuations are in depth, accurate and relevant. Whether you are entering or exiting the industry, our successful process will bring confidential and credible results. We leverage our long term industry knowledge and relationships to accelerate your future plans.

E-Strategies/Marketing Plans

Our plans and recommendations are advanced, proven and relevant to your specific market. Our plans are based upon actual results from our long term partner operations. We are unique with our ability to test market ideas before recommending them to others. Our market developed plans will place your company in the “top tier” of your category. Our “brand building” expertise supports a long term business plan.

Technical / Sales / Process Training

water softener repairmanThe depth of our team allows us to transition our technical, sales and process knowledge into your business. We maximize revenue, improve profit and cash flow and train your staff in new, proven methodologies that will take your business to the next level. Our executives are highly certified in their field of specialty.

Equity Investment & Funding

Financial plans that work! We assist you in securing funding for acquisition, business growth and capital improvement. Our plans assist banks and funding sources to better understand the water improvement sector. SEAS Capital is an active investor and holds equity investment in water treatment companies.

Client Testimonials

“Dar Watts and his team have a high level and intricate understanding of the water treatment market. They know where we have been and have great vision to know where we are going. Our business is now able to adapt and embrace a changing market. With SEAS help, we went from “concerned to confident”. Our competitors now follow our lead.”
– Branded Dealer, SC. Market.

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